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The headline speaks for itself.

Surprise! Not really.
To summarize, evidence mounts that chemical weapons are used by Syrian government, and Obama's being reluctant to move as he said in the past he would.

Important damning information: If American officials have been more reluctant that their allies to come to firm conclusions, it may be because it would force Mr. Obama’s hand. In August, the president told reporters that any evidence that Mr. Assad was moving the weapons or making use of them could prompt the United States to act.
“That would change my calculus,” he said. “That would change my equation.”
But when strong evidence emerged earlier this year that Mr. Assad’s forces were in fact moving their weapons — at least from one depot to another — the White House insisted that the action did not cross the line that Mr. Obama set. By “move” the weapons, a White House spokesman said, Mr. Obama meant transferring them to a terror group, like Hezbollah. (Syria Has Used Chemical Arms Repeatedly, Israel Asserts, NY Times)

More from the same article: "Israel has been deeply reluctant to act on its own in Syria, for fear that it could bolster President Assad by uniting anti-Israel sentiment. But the public statements regarding the attacks, days after the British and French governments wrote to the United Nations Secretary General saying they, too, had evidence of chemical use, complicates the situation for Washington."
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